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Member Stories
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Current and former members share their memories and stories about what makes AAMSE so special to them. Share your AAMSE story by submitting it to and it may be posted here.

Jay W. Millson, MBA

Cheryl M. Malone, CAE
Executive Director
New York County Medical Society

"I’m the CEO of a county medical society. If you are the CEO of a county society, you know that you have to monitor and justify every expense. AAMSE is the budget item I fight for. The AAMSE Annual Meeting is specific to my needs in leading my county. It keeps me updated on doctor experiences around the country, it lets me know what laws and regulations affect me and my members, and it even give me ideas for vendor relations. My staff and I are setting up two new member work groups this year — both are powered with information we get from AAMSE.  Other organizations’ meetings are fine, but they just don’t provide the specific help for what I do every day.  And the discussion and experiences shared with my AAMSE colleagues?  Invaluable is the only word. "

Donald R. Wall

Rae Young Bond
CEO, Chattanooga-Hamilton County Medical Society

"For more than 20 years, AAMSE has been my “go to” for information, resources, and moral support in medical association management.  When we launched our Project Access initiative in 2004, AAMSE’s PracticeNet Solutions resource guide was invaluable. Just this year, we were able to launch a Physician Well-Being Initiative in just a few short months because of relationships and resources available through AAMSE. When I needed information on communicating value to employed physicians, AAMSE resources answered my questions.

 AAMSE offers resources to medical associations of all sizes and complexities. Through webinars, the Resource Library, and conferences, AAMSE lets me stay on top of the newest trends and strategies to keep our association relevant. I love all of the resources available to me, but even more I value the relationships I have developed with my medical society colleagues throughout the United States."

Karen J. Collishaw

Dolores L. Green, Executive Director, Riverside County Medical Association
CEO, Inland Empire Foundation for Medical Care, California Foundation for Medical Care

CEO, Inland Empire Health Information Organization (IEHIO) 

"I’ve had the privilege of working for my medical association for 37 years but I have to tell you there are days when I sit back and ask myself, “have I grown stale” or “ is it time to move on and find something more challenging”. And in those moments of self-reflection I also remember how amazing it is to be a medical executive and to work with other professionals who are part of AAMSE and who willingly share their insights, expertise and compassion to better the profession we serve.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to be mentored by and to mentor AAMSE members. The wealth of knowledge and resources AAMSE colleagues around the Country are willing to share has saved me countless hours of research, and I’ve had successes and avoided failures by learning from others. This is the value of AAMSE and why I made it my first priority to join AAMSE as a young med exec and why 37 years later I find it as valuable as when I first began my journey in organized medicine."

Michael J. Darrouzet

Michael Darrouzet, FAAMSE
Executive Vice President/CEO
Dallas County Medical Society

"I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that I would not have been at the Dallas County Medical Society for the last 30 years if I had not been a member of AAMSE. I don’t mean that being an AAMSE member was a requirement of my job. AAMSE just helped me love my job more. I have long believed in the premise that in the long term, we spend our time doing what we love, whether we realize it or not.  I love what I do. Being a medical society executive is so much more enjoyable because of AAMSE. I know this because of the long list of close friends and colleagues I have developed over the years, and the joy they have brought to my professional life, and all of the incredible knowledge I have gained from listening to and learning from some very smart colleagues. AAMSE makes a difference in our careers."

Linda A. Lambert, CAE

Matthew C. Katz
Executive Vice President/Chief Executive Officer
Connecticut State Medical Society

"So, I started with AAMSE a few years into my medical society management experience, but I wish I had engaged in membership earlier, as it was a missed opportunity to have the support and training that AAMSE would have offered a young medical society executive in learning.  However, I did eventually start my AAMSE experience in the late 1990s and I have not regretted it ever since, and in fact, have felt a sense of collegiality, comradery, and mentorship that I will forever cherish.  What I like most about my AAMSE experience and what AAMSE brings to me and my daily advocacy on behalf of the physicians and patients of Connecticut is that valued shared experience and support that I can not get anywhere else.  As a current member of MGMA and a former member of ACHE, I can say that it is my AAMSE colleagues, not just the State CEOs, but all my AAMSE contemporaries, I turn to for help, assistance and support. AAMSE has taught me not to look for or at titles, but rather to value experience and tenure- it is not just with age comes wisdom, but the battle scares of legislative, regulatory, insurer, hospital and health system encounters that my colleagues have shared with me that have allowed me to grow and prosper as a medical society executive. 

 I have learned along the way that the best education is often a result of missteps or mistakes, but it doesn’t have to be the mistakes that you make, and in fact is often the experiences of others, the failed attempts at some program or service, that teaches more than the successful implementation of an activity.  Of course, copying or emulating a colleague’s success is not only the greatest form of flattery, it helps you better excel in this profession, so I have learned to not only borrow, but steal the great ideas of my colleagues and work to implement them with my physician leadership and skilled staff back in Connecticut. I have also valued greatly the personal support of colleagues when times have been tough, when family or friends have suffered, or when tragedy has struck.  AAMSE has been like a family to me and one in which we may not always agree or even get along, but we always seem to break bread and laugh together- because of shared experiences, a willingness to cooperate and  collaborate and share what has worked and what hasn’t so that as a profession, we are able to best serve and represent our membership and our societies. 

 My last comment is that AAMSE really is what you make of it. You can simply read the monthly newsletters and likely get by but if you engage, truly engage, in many of the value learning initiatives and programs, you will find and foster lifelong relationships and friendships that will help you grow as a professional and a person.  My suggestion, my recommendation, to everyone who bothers to read this Blub, is be a “doer,” be engaged, don’t sit on the sidelines waiting for information, knowledge and skill to come your way, go to it and go to AAMSE and AAMSE events. Don’t miss the opportunity."

Timothy Norbeck

Jon Rosell, PhD
Executive Director
Kansas Medical Society

"Like you, I’ve had the opportunity to work as a medical society CEO/Executive Director for a few years now – both at the County and now at the State level.  And to put it simply and directly - I thoroughly enjoy my work.  Maybe it’s just the way I’m wired but I really get a buzz out of working on complex, rapidly changing issues that impact health, health care and our physician members.  Personally, I think one specific reason why I enjoy and appreciate my work is the fact that I have a large cadre of colleagues from whom I learn on a regular basis.  Those opportunities to learn and the chance to build strong professional relationships come directly from AAMSE.   No other organization I know of can provide me the tools and opportunities to learn from colleagues all across the country like AAMSE does.  

 While I really enjoy the work I get to do I’ll be the first to admit there are plenty of times I still feel like a novice…  Whether it’s a particular legislative issue, a burden that’s plaguing some of my members or a complex reimbursement challenge that has me baffled I have learned that with a quick email or phone call I can get the perspective of dozens of seasoned medical society executives.  This “at your fingertip” access to highly experienced colleagues who are more than happy to share their insights is one of the great benefits of my association with AAMSE.   Over the years I’ve come to realize that AAMSE is a critical tool that enables me to do the job I truly enjoy.  I simply couldn’t imagine trying to lead a professional association of physicians without AAMSE.  It’s provided so many benefits – knowledge, solutions, professional relationships and a true professional community of which I’m proud to say I’m a member. "