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February 2019

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Steve LevineFrom the President

Do Not Feed the Trolls – Ever!

As current events so painfully remind us, the online world is full of brutal places where deranged souls reinforce each other’s hatred and sickness to the point where freedom of expression can explode into atrocities of action.

As organizations trying to use social media tools to advance our causes, publicize our events, and promote our members, we frequently find ourselves tiptoeing through the minefields. Whether shielded by anonymity or on a quest for cyber-fame, online trolls will say anything, make things up, and intentionally twist reality just for the fun of getting a reaction.

As New York Times media and technology reporter John Herrman recently wrote of Twitter: “The words and arguments posted there aren’t really part of a discourse. They are tokens played, soldiers sent forth in battle. This results in something that resembles a conversation (in which nuance is necessary) but also resembles high-stakes power politics (in which nuance is a liability), and thus settles somewhere in the range of a performance.”

If we’re unlucky enough, these trolls sometimes push our buttons, demean our members, and distort our positions. As human beings, we are tempted to join the “conversation,” play our own tokens, send our own soldiers into battle.

Resist! Do not feed the trolls. Put down your phone or your keyboard. Walk away.

Here’s why. It’s a lesson I’ve had a lot of difficulty learning. But I think I finally got it in a conversation with fellow AAMSE Board member Sylvia Salazar and Texas Medical Association social media manager Jen Rios after a recent episode when my thumbs typed words they shouldn’t have.

First, those trolls are almost always individuals, responsible only for their own online personas. But when I tweet from @texmed, I’m talking for all of TMA. Snarky isn’t one of the words we use to describe how our members want their society to present itself to the world. We have worked hard to earn our members’ trust and respect, and we want to preserve our solid reputation. That’s probably true for you, too, unless your association prides itself on attack-mode sarcasm and not-so-witty putdowns.

Second, you’ll never win. The trolls are never satiated. They live and grow off of the attacks of others. Do not feed the trolls – ever. It just makes them hungrier.

Steve Levine
AAMSE President

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Submit for the Chance to Win a Registration to #AAMSE19

Now Accepting Applications for the 2019 Profiles of Excellence Awards

Share your organization's accomplishments with the medical society community and have the chance to gain well-deserved recognition by applying for a 2019 Profiles of Excellence Award.

In addition to adding a category for leadership, in 2017 levels were added to each award category recognizing excellence programming for societies with large and small budgets.

The Profiles of Excellence (PoE) Awards are open to all AAMSE member organizations and recognize outstanding achievement in each of the following categories:

  • Advocacy
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Membership
  • Leadership

More information on the award categories is available on the AAMSE website.

Application Deadline: March 29

Judges Needed 

Interested in playing a role in deciding the recipients of this year's awards? Apply to serve on the 2019 PoE Judging Panel.

Who Do You Want to Meet with at #AAMSE19

Conference 2019

Our sales team is hard at work recruiting companies to exhibit and sponsor at the 2019 AAMSE Annual Conference. In previous years, technology/software, legal/financial, program/CME, destination and physician services companies have had a presence at the event. Are there business partners you would like to meet with onsite? Other categories of vendors you would like to see represented? We’d love to hear your ideas and discuss potential leads. Contact Blake Finger at with your suggestions. Complete information about our sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities can be found here.

PC Shortcuts to Make Your More Effective

Keyboard shortcuts can be a time-saver, these 11 essential shortcuts everyone should know according to Sarah Wells for Business Insider.

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Give Back to AAMSE Through Board Service

2019 Board of Directors Nominations

Are you looking for a way to share your passion, leadership, commitment to medical society management and AAMSE? Do you have a genuine interest in leading our organization to achieve greater influence in the industry? If so, you are exactly who we are looking for, so read on!

In accordance with the AAMSE Bylaws, the Nominating Committee will submit a proposed slate of candidates for open board seats to the membership 60 days prior to the annual meeting. To do this, staff is collecting submissions for the Nominating Committee to consider.

This year, members will elect the following:

  • 1 Secretary-Treasurer
  • 3-4 Director(s)

Full details on board responsibilities and the application are available online.

If you have any questions regarding board service or the nominating process, please contact Nominating Committee Chair Gene Ransom III at, or Executive Director Darrin Hubbard at (651) 288-3432 or Thank you for your interest!

Time Management is Ruining our Lives

All of our efforts to be more productive backfire – and only make us feel even busier and more stressed writes Oliver Burkeman for The Guardian.

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Deadline for Fellows Applications Approaching


Apply to Become a Recognized Fellow of AAMSE

Have you been an AAMSE member for 5 years or more? Dedicated to your own professional development? Engaged in leadership roles with AAMSE and other volunteer organizations?

If so, consider applying to become a Recognized Fellow of AAMSE. We want to acknowledge you!

In 2017, AAMSE began to annually identify and recognize a select number of members who have demonstrated a commitment to professional medical society management and are active participants in AAMSE activities. Recognized Fellows of AAMSE is an outstanding group of individuals who are dedicated to their own continuing professional development and have distinguished themselves among their colleagues, communities as well as in AAMSE, through exceptional leadership and service. Their dedication and longstanding commitment to our profession is recognized by this mark of distinction.

New for 2019: Based on member feedback, the Board approved revised the criteria under the Leadership category to recognize volunteer service to AAMSE without the restriction of the service occurring in the last 5 years. If you have volunteered for AAMSE at any point, you can claim that service on your application! 

For more information and to apply, visit:

One Thing Will Speed Up Your Success as a Leader

Marcel Schwantes discusses a leadership skills that will build trust and improve relationships, whether you're a startup of 10 or an established firm of 1000.

Welcome, New AAMSE Members

Mallory Anderson, Oregon Medical Association Manager of Education and Events

Tim Attebery, American College of Cardiology

John Barnes, Heart Failure Society of America CEO

Michele Boylstein, Pennsylvania Medical Society Association
Executive Director

Jennifer Dennis-Smith, Oklahoma State Medical Association
Communications Manager

Devin Fish, American College of Cardiology

Emily Greene, American Society of Human Genetics

Drew Heffley, Florida Medical Association

Elizabeth Himes, Society of Interventional Radiology

Edrenna Johnson, American College of Cardiology

Cortney Jones, Florida Medical Association


Nicola Kennedy, American College of Cardiology

Catherine Knight, Nashville Academy of Medicine
Membership and Health Outreach Coordinator

Shanie Mason, Oregon Medical Association

Mary Rose, American Society of Human Genetics

Matt Robinson, Oklahoma State Medical Association
Director of Government Affairs

Derek Scholes, American Society of Human Genetics

Gayle Sommer, Massachusetts Medical Society
Coordinator, Specialty Management Services

Lina Szymkowski, Massachusetts Medical Society

Sharon Westmoreland, Oklahoma State Medical Association

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