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New Members/First-Timers

As a new attendee to the AAMSE Annual Conference, it is easy to miss the multitude of opportunities available to you. Be sure to review the following to ensure you have a productive and fulfilling conference experience!


The education at the AAMSE Annual Conference is considered among the best in the industry and is designed by and for medical society professionals. Each session is chosen for its relevance, value and ability to advance the professional development of each attendee.


The Annual Conference brings together senior-level, mid-level and new professionals within medical society management. Networking takes place at receptions, meals and other miscellaneous events. However, the best networking at the conference is during the educational sessions. Strong bonds are formed when medical society professionals take on the role of student and grow professionally together during sessions. Not only will there be “lecture” style sessions, you will also have opportunities for interactive and “hands-on” learning.

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First-Timer Tips:


For questions please contact the AAMSE office at aamse@aamse.org.