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June 2017

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Upcoming Events
2017 Annual AAMSE Conference
Minneapolis, MN
County CEO Meeting
Minneapolis, MN
State Specialty Meeting
Minneapolis, MN
NS CEO Summit


County CEO Annual Meeting
State CEO Annual Meeting

Jon Rosell, presidentFrom the President

Jon Rosell, PhD, AAMSE President

I hope by now each of you has registered for the 2017 AAMSE Annual Conference in Minneapolis, July 27th-29th!  The line-up of great speakers along with the chance to build valuable relationships with your Medical Society colleagues from across the country and to hang out in cool Minneapolis should be more than enough reason to sign up today.  We hope to see you there! 

Summer reading lists are fun to create and here’s a “must read” to add to your list.  I’d like to recommend : Is a Doctor Like a Toaster? Earning Trust in the Medical Profession by Laura Weiss Roberts, MD (Acad. Psychiatry (2017) 41:305-308).  In her editorial article Dr. Roberts discusses how in a recent issue of Consumer Report physicians are portrayed in a negative, questionable light that evokes doubt and suspicion about American physicians.   Dr. Roberts, Chair of Stanford University, Department of Psychiatry, reports that the article says that you can find out more about the safety of your toaster than you can about your physician… 

She goes on to discuss an interesting paradox of the erosion of trust in medicine at a time when health care outcomes for serious illnesses and chronic disease have improved significantly.  Roberts cites multiple studies that report increased survival and quality of life for patients with infectious diseases, cardiac disease, multiple forms of cancer (lung, breast, colon and prostate), diabetes and mental disorders.  Yet with all of these measurable improvements and outcomes why is society apparently less trusting of the role of physician today? 

As with many intractable problems in our world today there are multiple contributing factors and no easy, quick solutions.  Roberts posits that “trust in medicine cannot be completely restored without a comprehensive, sophisticated and well-powered transformation of the health system.”  Obviously, health care transformation is well underway and undoubtedly will (and should) continue for many years.   I think we would all agree that we cannot, nor should not, wait until the transformation is over to begin the work of restoring the public’s trust in the role of the physician. 

Medical societies like yours and mine are extremely well positioned to help our members with this battle.  The vast, vast majority of my members (and I’d guess the same is true for your members as well) are simply too busy quietly going about the business of treating the sick and injured to worry about devising or even launching media campaigns to change public perception of their profession.   Our organizations can be contemplating on how best to respond on their behalf.  Roberts suggests that “embracing the enduring values of the profession of medicine is the path to being worthy of public trust”.  I think she’s absolutely right…  While Americans may have a slightly diminished view of the medical profession I think they still think their personal doctor is above reproach.  Their personal physician not only treats their pain or discomfort but he/she makes that human connection with them that is so meaningful and powerful.  Societies like yours and mine should highlight those aspects of doctor-patient relationship as a reminder to society that while this complex juggernaut of health care tries to morph itself into a more effective and affordable system the human connection between a caring doctor and a patient in need serves as the true foundation of our health care system.  While everything else – the regulations, finance, outcomes, etc are necessary components – it’s recognizing the caring interaction between the willing physicians and the patient in need that will restore the trust and hope our society has with the practice of medicine.  I’ll look forward to watching and learning from you on how you highlight this powerful truth about practice of medicine.    

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Early Registration Deadline Approaching for AAMSE Annual Conference

Join us in Minneapolis for #AAMSE17

Save $100 on your conference registration if booked by June 30!

Wondering why you should attend, or have not been to an AAMSE meeting recently? Here are a few reasons to come to Minneapolis this year:

Learn from leading experts in association management, leadership development, members, communications, advocacy, and regulatory affairs

Discover innovative strategies used by your colleagues to grow their associations and demonstrate member value

Engage with and connect with colleagues and strengthen your peer network and tap the knowledge of experts dealing with the issues you are facing in your organization

Recharge your professional development with activities to restore your mind, body and spirit throughout the program

Participate in your professional association – the only group focused on building excellence in medical society management nationwide

There is something for everyone on your team in this year’s program. Please check out the program that includes keynotes on 10 Executive Strategies to Improve Productivity, Profits, and Communications, Politics, Policy, and the Future of U.S. Healthcare Delivery and Financing and The Future of Storytelling: What Will Change, What Won't and Why It Matters. Also, workshops on membership development, communications, advocacy and regulatory affairs.

Hotel Information
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
1300 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403
P: 1-888-421-1442 Toll Free or 402-592-6464
W: Make a Reservation

Guest Room Rates:
$209.00 Single/Double Occupancy
$234.00 Triple Occupancy
$259.00 Quadruple Occupancy

Room Block Deadline is: July 02, 2017 or until the room block is exhausted, whichever comes first. AAMSE has rooms reserved for the nights of July 25 – July 29.

For more information on the Annual Conference, visit the conference website or contact staff at or (651) 288-3432.

Do’s and Don’ts of Meeting Minutes

Originally featured in the September/October issue of Associations Now, Jeanette Panning, CAE writes about what to put in and what to leave out of meeting minutes.

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Rethinking Emerging Leader Identification and Development

This article by Art Petty offers 6 ideas to help organizations and executives rethink emerging leader development.

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How to Manage a Needy Employee

Rebecca Knight shares advice for dealing with needy employees in the Harvard Business Review.

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Welcome, New AAMSE Members

Vivian Abalama
International Anesthesia Research Society
Society Manager

Elizabeth Anderson
Minnesota Medical Association

Hallie Brewer
College of American Pathologists

Eliza Chin
American Medical Women's Association

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Iowa Medical Society
Executive Vice President

Brent Hazelett
NC Academy of Family Physicians

Jason Kopinski
American Academy of Neurology
Deputy Executive Director

Kathryn Mallard
Medical Society County of Orange, New York

Danny Scalise
West Virginia State Medical Association
Executive Director

Angie Stengel
American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine
Executive Directo

Kristy Wolski
Duval County Medical Society

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