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                                                                                                                                                                September 2014

In this issue...

  1. President's Message
  2. The Power of 3: A Mary Byers Interview
  3. Propose a Session for the 2015 Annual Conference
  4. Profiles of Excellence Showcase
  5. NOW is the Time to Get Involved
  6. And the Winners Are...
  7. Register for the 2014 State CEO Meeting
  8. AAMSE SIGs: Making Your Life Easier
  9. What If Your Speakers Did More Than Just Speak?
  10. AAMSE Welcomes Its Newest Members


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A Message from AAMSE's President

Collaboration and Teamwork —
On the Football Field and in the Federation

College football season is upon us. (Most) Southern girls love college football. It's an important part of our culture. It defines fall for me the way cool crisp air and the changing color of leaves does.

You may have guessed by now...I'm a huge Auburn Tigers fan. I bleed orange and blue. I am passionate about my school and football team and go to Auburn as often as I can to be with 87,456 of my closest friends at Jordan Hare Stadium on fall Saturdays.

Everything about the experience: the strategy, the collaboration and leadership required to get the ball down the field to win the game, and the esprit de corps of the team, coaches, and fans is exciting to me.

In addition to these memorable fall Saturdays, I gained education, opportunity, and lifelong friends from my time at Auburn. This makes me want to give my "time, talents, and treasures" back to the university.

I'm just as passionate about AAMSE. I'm just as appreciative of the role AAMSE has played in my career, which is why I love giving back to the organization. 

Since 1946, AAMSE has been our team. We look to AAMSE to inspire leadership, knowledge, collaboration, and strategy so we can move the ball down the field of medicine. We look to AAMSE to provide the tools so we can give 100+% on and off the professional field...

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The Power of 3: A Mary Byers Interview

AAMSE Annual Conference speaker and author Mary Byers, CAE interviews Dr. Kathleen O'Loughlin, executive director of the American Dental Association. Dr. O'Loughlin's organization started an important conversation about how the local, state, and national associations can work together to enhance member value and reduce duplication of efforts and competition for members' time and participation. It's a conversation any multi-level association should be having.


Propose a Session for the 2015 Annual Conference

Would you like to share your knowledge with your AAMSE peers
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Do you have a colleague with expertise that is relevant and valuable
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Submit your topic/speaker proposals for the 2015 AAMSE Annual Conference
by Monday, September 8


Profiles of Excellence Showcase

As part of its commitment to sharing great ideas and the innovative programs and campaigns of medical societies across the country, AAMSE will be highlighting some of this year's Profiles of Excellence (PoE) Award winners and nominees. Featured this month is the submission of American Academy of Pediatrics which received this year's award for excellence in membership.

Organization: American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

Program: Pediatrician Life and Career Experience Study (PLACES)


The demographics of younger physicians and how they practice are undergoing substantial change. This has profound impact on defining future member value and thus, recruiting and retaining future members. Market surveys are the standard for collecting value information but they are a “snapshot in time,” and short-lived. To address this as a long-term strategy, in 2012 the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) launched the Pediatrician Life and Career Experience (PLACES) project.

In this “first of its kind” project, the AAP secured the participation of 1,804 pediatricians willing to report their professional and life experiences over a 20-year span in their careers. The participants represent two cohorts: one group completed residency training in 2002 to 2004; the other completed training in 2009 to 2011. Specific areas of focus include: work setting and characteristics; career choice and satisfaction; work-life balance; and personal dimensions, such as family, health, and financial issues. As data are gathered each year, annual and cumulative data are shared with participants and leaders across the AAP to create a rolling snapshot over time of young members.


The development of PLACES involved careful planning by the Department of Research (DOR) and collaboration with the Department of Membership and the Section on Medical Students, Residents and Fellow Trainees. A Project Advisory Committee, including both young pediatricians and seasoned researchers was created to provide feedback on study design, questionnaires, and data dissemination. The Committee works closely with DOR researchers to ensure study success.

Focus groups were conducted with young pediatricians to discuss the idea of a longitudinal study, identify survey topic areas, and obtain feedback on possible study formats. Survey development involved literature reviews, use of existing questions when possible, and cognitive interviews and pilot testing with young pediatricians to examine new questions that were not previously tested.

Additional focus groups with young members were conducted to obtain feedback on draft recruitment materials and how they might be improved to promote the enrollment of young physicians. Simultaneously, efforts were made to increase awareness of PLACES among the pediatric community. Promotion activities included formation of a website and articles/announcements in AAP resources, including those targeting younger pediatricians (e.g., AAP Section on Young Physician Newsletter).


AAP recruited and is successfully tracking the job paths and life experiences of 1,804 younger pediatricians, with a 90+% participation rate. AAP is already in position to act strategically based on the generalizable experiences of young pediatricians. For example, they found 80% of young pediatricians are employees in health systems and few are full- or part-owners. They also learned that young pediatricians put a high focus on work-life balance, with 45% saying that their personal and professional commitments are balanced. This type of information is of value to the Department of Membership and Department of Practice, as they develop programs relevant to young pediatricians. PLACES data have been fed directly into the strategic planning activities of the AAP and key entities, such as the Section on Young Physicians.

AAP shares data with participants twice a year via the newsletter, GOING PLACES. They also disseminate data to the pediatric community and AAP members through articles in AAP News and presentations at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting.


The AAP is committed to understanding the experiences and expectations of pediatricians, particularly younger pediatricians. Given the strategic importance of responding to the needs and interests of younger pediatricians, the AAP made a financial commitment to conduct the longitudinal study out of operational funds.

The fundamental resource required for a project of this type is the volunteer time of participants to complete surveys. With a response rate over 90%, the project demonstrates that carefully designed medical society efforts can enjoy high participation from younger volunteer members. Volunteer time is also needed from the Project Advisory Committee to review questions and analyze data, and staff time is needed for survey mailings and data entry, cleaning, analyses, and dissemination. Over two-thirds of the participants complete the survey online and prefer to receive feedback online so the cost of data gathering is much lower than if all data were collected via paper surveys.


The AAP mission includes supporting members’ professional needs, and the vision strives for professional satisfaction and personal well-being. PLACES data are of value to the AAP agenda because they provide evidence to inform policy and guide leadership, particularly data on young pediatricians’ life experiences. The information gleaned from PLACES will help AAP better serve its members for years to come.

The full benefits to the AAP have yet to be fully realized given the study’s longitudinal design, but the data have already triggered key changes in communication strategy and new product and member benefit development. The potential benefits to understand the changes and transitions that pediatricians experience in their personal and professional lives are enormous.

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NOW is the Time to Get Involved

Meet New People

Volunteering with AAMSE affords you the opportunity to collaborate with other organized medicine professionals from around the country while gaining new professional experience and a peer network that you can tap into throughout your career.

Support Your Community

Have the rewarding experience of applying your skills to build a better community of medicine
and contribute to the advancement of medical society management.

Within Your Interests and on Your Schedule

Volunteer opportunities cover a variety of time commitment and areas of expertise to fit into anyone's schedule and interests.

Take our volunteer survey to indicate your interest and you will be matched
with a volunteer opportunity that is right for you.

If you would like more information, visit the AAMSE volunteer page.


And the Winners Are...

Congratulations to the following members who won big by taking recent AAMSE surveys!

Trends Identification Survey Drawing Winner ($250 giftcard):
Katie Cashman, North Dakota Medical Association

CAE Survey Drawing Winner ($100 giftcard):
Lawrence Almengor, MedChi, the Maryland State Medical Society

Annual Conference Survey Drawing Winner ($50 giftcard):
David McKenzie, CAE, American College of Emergency Physicians


Register for the 2014 State CEO Meeting

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Please note: only CEOs of state medical societies are eligible to attend this event.

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AAMSE SIGs: Making Your Life Easier

AAMSE Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are a benefit of membership and make your life as a medical society professional easier by helping you:

  • Connect with professionals from other medical societies across North America who share your job functions and interests
  • Exchange resources (such as policies, articles and templates) to help you do your job more effectively
  • Conduct surveys of your peers to find out what other medical societies are doing
  • Swap stories of success or failure to avoid "reinventing the wheel" or making the same mistakes twice— saving you time and money

9 areas of interest to choose from

  • Advocacy
  • Association Management
  • CEO Groups
  • Communications
  • Knowledge of Medicine
  • Leadership
  • Membership
  • Education
  • Technology

Join the conversation

Recent SIG discussions include...

Time-saving communication tools • Meeting evaluation templates • Webinar providers • Social media tactics • Vendor relations •
Membership dashboards

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What If Your Speakers Did More Than Just Speak?

Liz King

As event planners, we are very familiar with hiring speakers. We look at the lineup of content we want to cover, find the right speakers to address those topics, and work out contracts with them. But what if we could get our speakers to do more than just speak? What if we could use them to market and brand our event and provide more value for our attendees? Here are a few creative ideas for ways you can use your speakers to create a more successful event. 


Many of us ask our speakers to promote the event to their network, but how many of us are using our speakers as promotional material? Many people attend an event to hear a particular speaker share their expertise so it would be a wise idea to use your speakers in your promotion as much as possible. For example, maybe each of your speakers can send you a quote along with a picture and a headshot. This could be put together to be promotional material for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social channels. It doesn't require much from your speakers, but it does help create a marketing campaign that engages your target audience and preps your attendees for the information they are about to hear. Of course, this also gives your speaker something to share. I strongly believe that if you want your speakers to promote your event, you have to make it easy for them. If they can simply retweet something you've already put together, they are more likely to do that than they are to compose a blog specifically about your event.


I also recommend working with your speakers to create content year-round for your attendees. Perhaps they speak at your event and then offer a webinar a few months later on a similar topic that is a bit differentiated. For people who enjoy hearing them speak at the event, this extra education will further engage attendees and also allow your speaker to continue to brand themselves with your attendee group.

If your speaker doesn't have enough time to do another webinar, perhaps they can do a few blogs for you throughout the coming year. I like to interview our speakers leading up to an event and perhaps even after the event is over, but it is also a great idea to ask your speakers to compose a few blogs for you throughout the year. Again, this creates a deeper connection between your attendees and speakers and will also give you some content for your site throughout the year.

For well-known speakers, offering exclusive opportunities for your attendees to meet them is often a very valuable experience. This is something you could charge for or offer as a benefit to members. Whether it's lunch, dinner, or cocktails, the idea is getting a much smaller group of your attendees together to meet your speakers. 

If you are doing any raffles or silent auctions at your event, consulting with one of your speakers is often a great prize to include. Spending an hour one-on-one with one of your speakers is a great selling point for attendees and definitely something to consider.

Before we go, there is one thing I certainly want to mention: By no means am I recommending that you add all of these things onto your current speaker package for the same price. All of this takes time, effort, and work on the part of your speakers so I would highly recommend that you negotiate with them to add on more value. Ideally, you offer them more money in exchange for giving you more of this content. If you are unable to do that, work out other relationships that will be beneficial to them and allow them to opt out if they do not find enough value. I strongly believe that speakers need to be paid or at least offered true value that they feel confident is worth their time. However, if you can find the right relationships with your speakers, these tips can better brand your organization, extend your reach, and help you create a more consistent content strategy.

This post originally appeared on the Cvent blog.


Welcome the Newest Members of the AAMSE Community
Katherine Cairns, MPH, MBA
Minnesota Chapter of the American College of Physicians
Joel Harder, MBA
Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions
Cindy Chavez
Travis County Medical Society
Michael Warburton
Travis County Medical Society
Norris Deajon
Travis County Medical Society



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